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Product areas were built, new sprint structure is on! Now, what to do next? First of all, let’s remember why we have come all the way through: we want Insider to be ‘the most popular’ next generation marketing software platform.

To this end, we need to maximize the quality of all the products. On the technical side this includes optimizing the development process & teams. Now, let me explain how we structured the new product areas.

Products & Product Areas & Teams

Last time, I showed how we defined the dependencies and how we did map them. According to this mapping, our aim was to minimize…

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With whom would you build your high council when it comes to changing your product development framework? Which decision making strategy would you use? With whom would you toss your ideas back and forth? First of all, you need a bunch of the best quality arguments about what would work for your company and what wouldn’t. You need every different perspective possible. All in all, the VP of Sales will have different concerns than CTO while an agile coach’s approach would be a whole new ball game. Variety is good, isn’t it? …

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Insider’s product development team’s structure is being transformed nowadays. I am excited to tell you why and how. Here are the steps of the story I will be telling you about in this very first part:

Definition of Problem

  • Scaling up: More Products & More Teams
  • Stability & Consistency Concerns

Research Phase

  • LeSS & LeSS Huge
  • Other Scaled Agile Frameworks

Definition of Problem

Scaling up and having a larger number of diverse products had different organizational needs than before. Insider’s development team has been expanded by 97% between 2018–2019 and by 46% between 2019–2020. Having more than 10 teams working on 8 diverse…

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